HEU jobs saved as Northern Health scrubs RFP on food, laundry and housekeeping services

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AN AGREEMENT REACHED earlier this month with Northern Health has resulted in the scrubbing of privatization plans while preserving decent jobs and quality services.

On February 13, Northern Health signed an agreement with HEU and other health unions to involve front-line health care workers in finding more cost-effective ways to deliver health services in the North. One week later, NH announced that the closing deadline for proposals had passed and that it was canceling the RFP on the contracting out of food, laundry and housekeeping services. The agreement did not involve any concessions, wages or otherwise, to the collective agreement.

“This is a positive sign that Northern Health is following through on its promise to work with us in finding solutions to improve the delivery of health care services in the North,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. “We’re hopeful that we’ll see a similar spirit of co-operation with employers in other health regions.”

Northern Health CEO Malcolm Maxwell praises the union for its role in the process.

“We are pleased with the co-operative environment we have been able to achieve between management and union representatives as we work together to deal with our cost pressures,” says Maxwell. “These steps will provide savings that will assist in the continued provision of direct services to patients, clients and residents across the North.”