HEU to launch appeal of biomed decision

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The Hospital Employees’ Union will appeal a ruling of the Labour Relations Board issued last Friday that moved biomedical engineering technologists into another union.

HEU will not appeal the transfer of biomeds into the paramedical professional bargaining association — a move the union supported.

But HEU will ask the LRB to reconsider its ruling that put about 200 biomeds into the Health Sciences Association.

“Over the past decade, through numerous attempts to restructure health care bargaining units, HEU has stood firmly behind the principle of preserving union affiliation through bargaining unit transfers,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“And despite the Campbell Liberals’ bald-faced attempt to undermine this principle through Bill 29, we believe we have valid and significant grounds upon which ask for this reconsideration.”

HEU president Fred Muzin — a biomedical electronic technologist from St. Paul’s — maintains his union membership. He is on the casual list as a maintenance worker at another HEU-certified facility.