HEU marks contribution of clerical workers to health care

Clerical Workers Awareness Day celebrations – February 12

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The HEU clerical subcommittee has spent several months planning its first-ever Clerical Workers Awareness Day on February 12. Clerical workers make up about 20 per cent of HEU’s membership and work in more than 80 job classifications.

Locals across the province have received posters, flyers and buttons, highlighting the vital role clerical workers play in the health care team.

“As a former clerical worker in Toronto’s library system, I know how important our work is and how invisible we can be,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy. “I encourage all HEU members to show support for the members of our clerical family on February 12 and recognize the contribution they make to your team.”

The subcommittee has also been working hard to build a network of clerical activists within HEU – a campaign that first began in 2005 at the clerical workers occupational conference.

The union encourages all members – clerical and non-clerical alike – to acknowledge the contribution our clerical workers make to health care.

If you’re not on the HEU “Clerical Workers Action Network”, send them your email address at clericalworkers@heu.org to receive monthly emails on clerical issues.