HEU marks LPN Day May 13

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National Nursing Week (May 11–17) is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of HEU’s entire nursing team. And on May 13, many HEU locals will be marking the contributions of LPNs to professional nursing and quality care.

There’s just no question about it. LPNs are making a huge difference to patients and are helping solve the nursing shortage.

LPNs with their union have worked together to overcome many obstacles, and have won support from government and health employers for their unique role in delivering nursing care.

LPNs are taking on additional roles, extra training, professional development, and are practising in many new specializations.

LPNs have risen to these new challenges. But these added responsibilities have contributed to crushing workloads. And there’s no standardized scope of practice for LPNs from facility-to-facility – much less across the province.

It’s also clear that wages haven’t kept up with the new roles and responsibilities. They don’t reflect advanced practice roles, leadership roles, or mentoring. And wages have fallen behind other provinces, including Alberta.

LPNs have been doing their part to solve the nursing crisis. Now it’s time for government to step up to the plate.

During National Nursing Week – May 11 through May 17 – HEU locals and nursing team members will be holding events at many work sites throughout the province to inform other health care workers and the visiting public about the work of HEU’s nursing team members.

HEU has developed a number of materials to help locals mark National Nursing Week and you can obtain copies of them on HEU’s website.

Take a moment during National Nursing Week to celebrate the contribution of HEU’s nursing team members – Licensed Practical Nurses, Care Aides, Activity Workers and Rehab Assistants – to quality care for British Columbians.