HEU meets with health employers over contracting out Desktop Management Services

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The Hospital Employees’ Union (HEU) and otherrepresentatives from the multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA),including members from around the province with expertise in desktop managementservices, met with health authorities and the Health Employers Association ofBC (HEABC) earlier this week about the possible contracting out of DesktopManagement Services to IBM.

Despite the union’s requests for details about possiblecontracting-out plans, HEABC and health authorities came with previously issuedemployer announcements and updates but little new information.

Once again, HEU asked for full disclosure of any proposals,financial documents, and other related material on contracting out – asrequired under the collective agreement – including a complete list ofmembers who may be impacted, as well as theirclassification, work site and health authority.

HEABC and health authorities agreed to provide more informationand will advise when that will be available. The union will then review theinformation before deciding what steps to take next.

Health employers’ plans to contract out desktop managementservices would affect members in all six health authorities.

Under the collective agreement, employers’ plans to contractout should be referred to a joint union-employer Alternate Service DeliveryCommittee at least three months before seeking a contracting-out arrangement.