HEU member update on Influenza Immunization policy

Since reaching agreement on November 30 with the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) to put a one-year moratorium on health care workers being disciplined for refusing to receive the flu vaccination, wear a sticker to proclaim their inoculation status, or wear a mask during flu season, some employers have been delivering a different message to workers.

But the unions who had reached agreement with the government – HEU, HSA, BCGEU and UFCW 1518 – confirm their original advice to members. They have the right to make personal health choices without fear of disciplinary measures from their employers.

The controversial, province-wide Influenza Control Program Policy – Wearing Masks, which was to go into effect on December 1, will undergo a one-year consultation period.

The unions continue to encourage their members to be vaccinated, participate in onsite flu vaccine clinics, and practise precautionary measures to protect patients and themselves.

In November, HEU had filed a breach of privacy Policy Grievance with HEABC around the Influenza Control Program Policy.

If you encounter a problem at your work site around this policy, please contact a local shop steward.