HEU members celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8

On March 8 – International Women’s Day (IWD) – HEU members join the international community in celebrating the social, economic, political and cultural achievements made by generations of women here in Canada and around the world.

IWD is also a day to acknowledge the many challenges women continue to face in our workplaces, at the bargaining table and in our communities.

A champion of women’s rights since 1944, HEU is committed to ending sexism, misogyny, violence against women and girls and economic inequality in the workplace.

HEU’s Women’s Standing Committee works with grassroots women’s groups, community coalitions and other trade union committees dedicated to social and economic equality and the advancement of women’s rights.

“At a time when women are standing up to, and forcefully speaking out against, all forms of harassment and abuse, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reaffirm our shared values of equity, human rights and social justice,” says HEU secretary-business manager Jennifer Whiteside.

“Knowing our membership is 85 per cent women – many of whom are marginalized and racialized – we understand our union’s struggle for genuine equality is far from over.”

International Women’s Day was first marked on March 8, 1911.

Since 1977, the United Nations has made IWD a focus for women’s rights and a time to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about women’s issues, and advocate for greater equality.

And today, over 20 countries celebrate International Women’s Day with a day off work for all.