HEU members invited to apply for province-wide union subcommittees

Provincial Executive seeks local activists to help guide union’s work on a range of issues over the next two years
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HEU’s Provincial Executive (P.E.) is seeking applicationsfrom local activists who are interested in joining a P.E. subcommittee.

HEU’s subcommittees generally meet twice a year, thoughmembers of the committees will be expected to engage in activities related totheir subcommittee’s work between meetings.

There are two P.E. members, and five members selected fromthe HEU membership, on each subcommittee. The subcommittees are co-chaired by amember of the Provincial Executive and by one of the subcommittee members drawnfrom the membership.

“This is an opportunity for members who are passionate aboutan issue to put that enthusiasm to work for their union and their fellowmembers,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“Grassroots participation in these subcommittees makes ourunion stronger, more effective and more democratic.”

The union’s P.E. subcommittees are: Anti-Privatization,Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Political Action, Pensions, GlobalJustice and Peace, Men’s Issues, and Young Workers.

In addition, the union is seeking Expression of Interestapplications for the following five occupational subcommittees: Patient CareTechnical, Clerical, Nursing Team, Trades and Maintenance, and Support.

Members can submit applications for up to two subcommittees,but must submit separate applications for each subcommittee. However, no memberwill be selected to sit on more than one subcommittee.

Members applying for occupational subcommittees must work inthat job family.

The committees will help implement convention decisions intheir area of concern, help develop action plans, and reach out to members.

You can download an Expression of Interest form and CommitteeDescriptions or ask your local executive for copies.

You can also apply online.

Applications must be submitted to the Provincial Office by5:00 p.m. on January 7, 2011.