HEU members make their mark May 17

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HEU members are to be congratulated for their critical role in keeping health care and other social policy issues front and centre during this election campaign, says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“Thanks to the hard work HEU members put into ridings across the province we now have a legislature with more balance and more integrity,” she said, noting the election results sent a clear message that a more even-handed approach to health care and health care workers is required.

“With a substantial legislative opposition in place British Columbians now have the ability to limit — and in some cases stop — the kind of destructive laws passed by the Liberal government during its first term of office.”

Darcy has high praise for all those members who pulled together to keep health care squarely in the public eye by attending and organizing all-candidates meetings, public information sessions, street-side rallies and other events where politicians were forced to address the deteriorating state of health care.

“And that’s not counting the thousands of volunteer hours many HEU members put into individual campaigns, giving every bit of spare time they had to support their local candidates.”

Darcy congratulated HEU’s bargaining director Raj Chouhan for his election win in Burnaby-Edmonds and recognized HEU members Cathy Pinsent, Lyle Fenton, Pat Shaw and Erda Walsh for their strong showing at the polls.

“Every candidate connected to the HEU did us proud. They conducted respectful, hard-fought campaigns and gave tirelessly of themselves to stand up for the things that matter most to average families and their communities,” says Darcy.

Referring to the chaos that has characterized health care delivery over the last four years, she says, government has an opportunity to “recognize and respect the diversity of the work we do” and to forge a more cooperative relationship with HEU and its members.

“The political activism developed by members during the campaign didn’t end on election night,” says Darcy. “In fact it’s more important than ever to carry our message forward and to build on what we’ve accomplished if we are to bring about the positive, constructive changes needed in our hospitals and care homes.”