HEU members urged to "attend" Municipal Pension Plan AGM

Interactive live broadcast is a unique opportunity for member input

The Municipal Pension Board of Trustees will be discussing issues of vital importance to HEU members at its Annual General Meeting on November 2 in Vancouver, and for the first time the meeting will be broadcast live in five B.C. communities and will be interactive.

“That means many HEU members will be able to attend the meeting in their communities and ask questions of the people who are making decisions about their pension plan,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. “One item on the agenda is the investment of pension funds — something that could impact HEU members significantly in more ways than one.”

At the recently-concluded HEU Convention, delegates overwhelmingly rejected any move to invest their pension funds in public-private partnerships.

“This is a chance for HEU members to say `We don’t want our pension funds to be invested in a way that undermines Medicare and our own jobs’,” says Allnutt.

It will also be a chance for pension plan members to discuss the pressure on pension funds that have resulted from Campbell’s offloading of MSP and Pharmacare coverage.

“I strongly urge as many HEU members as possible to participate in this opportunity to defend their pension plan,” says Allnutt.

The meeting will be broadcast live on Saturday, November 2 at 10 a.m. (11:00 a.m. in Cranbrook) at:

    Cranbrook Prestige Inn 209 Van Horne Street South 250-417-0444

    Nanaimo Coast Bastion Inn 11 Bastion Street 250-753-6601

    Prince George Civic Centre 855 Dominion Street 250-561-7723

    Kelowna Grand Okanagan Lakefront Resort & Conference Centre 1310 Water Street 250-763-4500

    Vancouver Robson Square Conference Centre 800 Hornby Street 604-482-5618