HEU negotiates two new benchmarks in maintenance job family

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The Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA) recently reached agreement with the Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC) on developing new benchmarks for Electronic Instrumentation Control Technicians Level 1 (EIC 1) and Electronic Instrumentation Control Technicians Level 2 (EIC 2).

The EIC Technician duties include the installation, alteration, troubleshooting, maintenance, service and repair of electronic equipment and systems, such as access controls (automatic doors), nurse call, and direct digital controls. They also operate “building automation systems” (BAS) and computer software for electronic equipment or systems, or design and build electronic circuits and implement solutions to problems.

Their job requires a diploma program in Electronic Technology and three or five years’ experience or an equivalency.

Forming a new series under the facilities subsector maintenance job family, the EIC 1 is matched to Grid 43, while the EIC 2 is at a Grid 48 wage scale.

“These jobs have been in the industry for many years,” says HEU classification representative Teressa Ford. “However, they previously did not have a benchmark to be matched to, so their rates of pay were all over the place with no consistency. This is a huge win for us.”