HEU pays tribute to Patient Care Technical team today – February 19

“We Make It Happen” is the theme of this year’s HEU Patient Care Technical Day. 

It’s a day for our union to recognize the critical services our patient care technical members provide in B.C.’s health care system.

HEU’s patient care technical team brings a wealth of comprehensive education and training to perform some of the most diverse and critical services in health care settings across the province. 

They work in a variety of complex, highly skilled specialty areas in about 60 different job classifications – including information technologists; pharmacy, ophthalmic, cardiac ultrasound and renal dialysis technicians; medical lab, ECG and EEG assistants; buyers, pathology attendants, and perfusionist assistants. 

Some of their duties include: filling prescriptions and distributing narcotics; preparing IV bags and chemotherapy products; collecting, testing and analyzing quality lab specimens needed for diagnosis and treatment; doing visual field testing, retinal and slit lamp photography and digital angiography to help diagnose retinal conditions like diabetes, brain tumours and hemorrhages. 

Patient Care Technical members also perform and assist with autopsies to determine cause of death; operate renal dialysis machines; maintain integrated computer networks (i.e. electronic health records; pharmacy, lab and telephone systems, patient information), and negotiate cost-efficient contracts with vendors to purchase virtually everything you see in a hospital from MRI machines to hip replacement equipment to office supplies. 

“Whether their patient contact is direct or indirect, the extensive skills and training of our patient care technical team benefit British Columbians every single day,” says HEU secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson. “Our union is pleased to recognize the dedication and incredible contribution these workers make in the delivery of quality, public health care.”