HEU Provincial Executive endorses Sinclair and Lanzinger for re-election as B.C. Fed’s full-time officers

The Provincial Executive of the Hospital Employees’ Union has unanimously endorsed B.C. Federation of Labour president Jim Sinclair and secretary-treasurer Irene Lanzinger for re-election as the full-time officers of the province’s labour central.

HEU’s secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson says the decision to endorse Sinclair and Lanzinger was based on the pair’s leadership of the labour movement through difficult times under a B.C. Liberal government. 

“At a time when union members’ rights and economic security have been under attack, Brother Sinclair and Sister Lanzinger have shown themselves to be capable and effective leaders,” says Pearson. 

“They have revitalized the labour movement by engaging young people and diverse communities in the fight for workers’ rights.” 

Under their leadership, the B.C. Federation of Labour has led high profile campaigns that raised the minimum wage, highlighted the plight of farmworkers, and improved protections for those who work alone. 

“Through these campaigns, the B.C. Federation of Labour has shown itself to be a forceful advocate for all workers – not just those who belong to a union,” says HEU president Ken Robinson. 

HEU financial secretary Donisa Bernardo says that Sinclair and Lanzinger have been “great friends to HEU members when they found themselves under legislative attack from the Campbell Liberals – and during the BCNU raid.” 

“It’s important that the labour movement stay united and strong as we get ready for a crucial provincial election in 2013,” says Bernardo. “We’ll do that under Jim and Irene’s leadership.”