HEU reaches agreement that will assist St. Mary’s members

Access to current vacancies expanded in Fraser Health Authority

A RECENT AGREEMENT reached with the Fraser Health Authority gives HEU members at St. Mary’s an opportunity to apply for jobs created when the hospital’s services are transferred to other facilities — before those positions are posted.

The agreement, which applies to new positions only, will allow successful candidates to port their seniority and other benefits specified under the collective agreement to the new job sites.

Vacancies will be posted, as they arise, at St. Mary’s Hospital across from the Human Resources office for 5 calendar days.

Services to be transferred include sub-acute medical and hospice beds at Queen’s Park Care Centre; diagnostic and surgical services and a new monitored care unit at Eagle Ridge Hospital; and diagnostic, ambulatory and surgical services at other FHA facilities.

The agreement does not apply to incremental changes resulting from the transfer. For more information, contact your HEU service representative or St. Mary’s Human Resources department.