HEU reaches out to young workers, September 28 to October 4

“Your job. Your world. Your union.” is the theme of this year’s week of recognition for young workers

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For the second year in a row, HEU is reaching out to the union’s growing numbers of young workers.

In last week’s secretary-treasurer mailing, all locals received special posters and stickers to encourage local activists to connect with young workers at their work sites, and to encourage young workers to learn more about what it means to be active in the union.

HEU joins other efforts within the labour movement across Canada to mobilize the next generation of leaders and activists who will build on the gains of the past decades.

How can experienced members help young workers learn about HEU?

  • Display the young workers poster prominently on the union bulletin board. (*note: please use the space provided to list the name of a local member who young workers can contact.)
  • Invite young workers to your next local meeting, and take the time to make it a warm and welcoming place.
  • Find more resources on the young workers’ resource page.
  • Share stories with young workers about why you became active in the union.
  • Wear the stickers to let young workers know that they can talk to you about their questions and ideas.
  • Find out what issues matter to the young workers in your local.
  • Organize social events outside of the workplace (or after a local meeting).

This year’s outreach to young workers is part of the work of young workers’ committee members: Jackie Woodley, Rhonda Bruce, Candice Burkmar, Heather Greig, Jennifer Massey, Tegan Muncey and Josh Charette.

For more information and resources, check out our young workers’ campaign page.