HEU supports BC teachers

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The Hospital Employees' Union says legislation introduced today by the provincial government that would impose a contract on BC teachers undermines free collective bargaining and shortchanges BC students.

Bill 12, the Teachers' Collective Agreement Act, extends the term of the current collective agreement until June 30, 2006 and would then impose a new collective bargaining regime on members of the BC Teachers' Federation.

It also undermines teachers' efforts to negotiate improvements to learning conditions for BC kids including smaller class sizes and more resources for special needs students.

"We stand ready to provide concrete support to BC teachers in their fight for better learning conditions for our kids and for their right to free collective bargaining," says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

"Our members are still feeling the devastating impact of last year's imposed contract rollbacks.

"Negotiation is a far better option than legislation for teachers, students, and the public," says Darcy.