HEU supports health science professionals as they begin job action to reach a fair and reasonable contract

No picket lines when HSA members go down to essential services levels, leaflet public across the province starting December 6

There will be no picket lines as health science professionals –members of the Health Sciences Association (HSA) – begin job action around the province this week to back their efforts to reach a fair and reasonable collective agreement.

All HEU workers should report to work as usual. However, during breaks and on personal time, HEU members are encouraged to support their HSA coworkers when they leaflet the public to bring attention to the critical issues in recruitment and retention in their occupations.

On Thursday, December 6, clinical pharmacists will go down to essential services levels from 9:00 a.m. to midnight.

On Friday, December 7, medical imaging and public health inspection will be reduced to essential services levels from 12:01 a.m. for 24 hours.

For more information on these job actions, the state of bargaining for health science professionals, and the issues that HSA health workers face, go to the Health Sciences Association website –  www.hsabc.org.

And stay in touch with your HEU local executive.