HEU trades and maintenance members advised of “hot” declaration

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The B.C. Federation of Labour has issued a “hot” declaration on all coastal lumber, logs and wood products, emanating from unionized logging and sawmilling operations, where forest workers are currently on strike.

As a result of this declaration, HEU trades and maintenance workers are advised not to handle lumber/building materials marked:

  • Interfor (except “Interfor Pacific” and “Adams Lake” branding which are non-union),
  • Western Forest Products (WFP), and
  • Weyerhaeuser “CedarOne” (which is mostly sourced through WFP mills).

The declaration comes on the heels of growing reports that coastal forest companies are trying to ship logs normally processed in unionized sawmills to non-union operations in and outside of B.C.

Close to 8,000 forest workers, represented by the United Steelworkers, have been on strike since July 21, 2007, trying to regain better standards in their collective agreement on issues including hours of work, contracting-out language and severance pay for partial closures.

Following a “hot” declaration, all unions affiliated to the Federation, and their members are expected to refrain from dealing with the companies, or their services, and refuse to handle the “hot” products.

If you have any questions about this declaration, please contact your HEU servicing representative.