HEU urges members to mark Earth Day on April 22

Earth Day 2012HEU and its Environment Committee encourge all locals and members to take part in an Earth Day action this year. 

Take part in rallies and events in your community. Organize an event yourself. Do something good for the planet. Ride your bike or spend the day outdoors. 

We really want to know how you celebrate Earth Day this year. Please share videos, photos and stories of your Earth Day activities. Email them to <earthday2012@heu.org>. 

Earth Day symbolCUPE has launched its annual Earth Day Contest which includes a poster colouring contest along with a new media and art contest for older students that can be submitted electronically. Check the contests out at www.cupe.ca. Spread the word and encourage students in your community to take part.

Enbridge Pipeline

Pipelines logoHEU has endorsed the Council of Canadian’s call for action on Earth Day. The Council will be organizing rallies and making lots of noise in the streets across the province as a public display of growing opposition to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal and two other major pipeline projects in B.C.   

 Delegates to HEU’s 2010 convention adopted a resolution in opposition to the development of the proposed Enbridge pipeline because of the serious threats to the environment.

Make your voices heard on Earth Day against pipelines and tankers, stand up to the big oil and gas companies, stand with local and indigenous communities and stand up for future generations.         

For more information or to find events in your community see <www.canadians.org>.

Taking action every day

We can all play a role in protecting the environment, every day in simple ways:

  • Change the way you get to school, work and around town by walking, biking or taking public transportation.
  • Drink only tap water.
  • Buy local.
  • Grow your own fruits and vegetables.
  • Cut your waste.
  • Recycle whatever can be recycled.
  • Compost at home, school and work.

 Take action in your community to drive environmental change at all levels of government and society.