HEU will support teachers’ protest against Bill 12

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Teachers will walk off the job at schools across the province on Friday, October 7 and stay out until they vote to go back to work.

Late last night, the BC Teachers’ Federation BCTF website announced that teachers will protest against Bill 12, the government legislation introduced October 3 that once again would impose a collective agreement on them.

BC teachers strongly supported HEU members during our job action last year and now we can stand by them.

What HEU members can do:

  • Tomorrow, and after the long weekend, HEU members who are NOT ON SHIFT can support teachers on their lines outside schools. HEU members currently on strike against Sodexho will also be supporting BCTF lines on Friday.
  • On Tuesday evening, labour councils around the province will hold rallies in support of teachers. Please make every effort to attend these rallies.
  • Call, write or visit your MLA and tell her or him that you support BC teachers in their fight for better learning conditions for kids, restoration of teachers’ bargaining rights and a fair wage increase. And tell your MLA that this is an opportunity for the BC Liberal government to take a different approach to public sector labour relations that relies on negotiation — not legislation. You can find your MLA’s contact information including phone and fax numbers here.
  • Call or write the chairperson of your local school board to state your support for BC teachers. You can find that information here.

Teachers deserve our support as they fight for firm limits on class size, adequate support for students with special needs, more teacher-librarians, counsellors, ESL and learning assistance teachers: all these improvements are fundamental to a quality education.

HEU is continuing to meet with other unions and the BCTF to plan further actions and events in support of teachers. Please check the HEU website or call the HEU bargaining hotline at 604 739 1515 (Vancouver) or toll-free 1 800 663 5813 ext. 1515 for updates.