HEU Women's Committee opens new toll-free phone number: 1-888-696-2044

1-888-696-2044 - that's the brand new HEU Women's Committee toll-free number. It's up and running now, giving members throughout the province another way of getting information on women's issues in the union and beyond, and of connecting with the committee members. This is one of several Women's Committee initiatives for the year 2000 along with the women's gatherings at the Table Officers' meetings, the promotion of local women's committees, and participation in World March of Women 2000 activities including our own banner project - a creative venture to be presented at HEU's 22nd Biennial Convention in October. The "1-888" number will carry items of interest to women as well as union and community events and actions by, for and about women. If there's something happening in your local, town or region that you'd like other women to know about, call up and leave a message with all the important facts and we'll get it on the Women's Committee line. And if you, your sisters and/or your local would like assistance in setting up a local women's committee, let us know. Leave your name, local and the best phone number to call you back on, and one of the committee members will be in touch. Women's Committee phone numbers Toll-free: 1-888-696-2044 In Greater Vancouver: (604) 742-8801