International Women's Day

Every year on March 8, women around the world celebrate International Women’s Day. 

Depending on where you live and what the issues of the time are, women utilize International Women’s Day differently to champion their cause. 

This year, as always, themes reflect what’s happening today. 

The United Nations has chosen the theme: Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures. It stresses the importance of education for girls (still a goal in some countries), decent-paying jobs with pensions and opportunities for advancement, and life-long economic equality and security. 

The Occupy movement, a global phenomenon that burst on the scene in 2011, is promoting “Women Occupy” as an international focus against corporate greed on March 8. You can organize your own “Women Occupy” event in your community by adapting plans outlined on their website. 

HEU’s 2012 IWD sticker carries the slogan “Economic equality makes a difference”. That supports our public sector bargaining this spring and is in keeping with the labour movement’s ongoing fight for decent pensions for all workers. And it takes on the Harper government’s attack on Old Age Security, a universal pension in Canada that is a mainstay for many women in their retirement. 

To find out how start a women’s committee in your local, email the HEU Women’s Standing Committee <>.