Investigative report exposes falling care standards at Sunset Lodge

A major investigative report by Monday Magazine in Victoria points to falling standards of care in a Salvation Army owned facility, just months after dozens of HEU members lost their jobs to a British multinational — Compass Group.

The report is the first journalistic exposé since long-term care facilities in B.C. began using the Campbell government’s contract-breaking legislation, Bill 29, to replace their skilled, experienced staff with a new, poorly-paid workforce.

The article details a litany of complaints by families of residents at Sunset Lodge, which led to an inspection by the Vancouver Island Health Authority and a subsequent “high” health and safety hazard rating.

Health care workers at Sunset Lodge mounted a high-profile, fightback campaign last summer to protect services and save jobs. The campaign drew wide support from the community and exposed the Salvation Army’s shoddy labour practices.

The article was published in the magazine’s February 5-11, 2004 edition.