It’s not too late to help BC women

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As the BC Liberal axe falls on vital women’s services throughout the province, HEU locals can offer moral and financial support by joining the women’s centre nearest them

With Gordon Campbell’s Liberal government cutting off all funding for the province’s 37 women’s centres March 31, HEU can demonstrate solidarity by taking out memberships in the women’s centre nearest them.

“By joining a women’s centre, locals can offer both moral and financial support to the many women who depend on the vital services these centres provide,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt.

“It’s also an important gesture of solidarity and community outreach to the staff and volunteers of these centres, who have to bear the brunt of Gordon Campbell’s heartless decision.”

On March 31, the government eliminates 100 per cent of funding to all women’s centres in BC. This amounts to about $47,000 a year for each women’s centre, or a total of $1.7 million.

The cost translates into just over five dollars per woman helped by a women’s centre, or 91 cents for every woman and girl in the province. Despite this low cost, the BC Liberals are willing to abandon hundreds of thousands of women and children in crisis. These include victims of violence, women fleeing abusive homes, women who have been cut off welfare, women with disabilities, homeless women, poor women, immigrant women, single moms, teenagers and seniors.


For a complete list of women’s centres in BC, or to find out how to contact the centre nearest you, send an e-mail to