Jobs and justice for Creston health care workers fired during organizing drive

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An agreement reached between HEU and Golden Life Management Corporation means that two workers dismissed from their jobs at a Creston care home have been offered their jobs back.

The workers were fired during an HEU organizing drive at Crestview Village last September. Under the terms of the agreement, they can be reinstated with back pay.

The union also met with workers at the facility to explain the terms of the settlement agreement which includes an admission by Golden Life Management that they interfered with workers right to join a union.

Golden Life also promised not to interfere with the right to join a union in the future.

The settlement was reached after HEU filed complaints against the corporation for its anti-union practices. Those complaints have now been withdrawn.

“This is a significant agreement,” says Kootenay regional director, Emil Shumey.“It should assure workers at Creston that they can exercise their right to join a union in the future without fear of retribution from the employer.”