Karen Dean, HEU coordinator of servicing, named to B.C. Labour Relations Board

Our dedicated activist brings solid workers'  human rights values to two-year appointment

Labour Minister Joan Smallwood announced the appointment of Sister Karen Dean, HEU coordinator of servicing, to the B.C. Labour Relations Board earlier this week. "I am honoured to represent workers' interests through this appointment to the LRB," says Karen Dean. "And I look forward to ensuring that the rights we have gained under the British Columbia Labour Relations Code are upheld." Karen's appointment—when added to those of current LRB members Carmela Allevato and Raj Chouhan—means that three HEU activists are now serving on the board as worker members. Karen joins two other first-time worker appointees, Sister Hillarie McMurray, B.C. Federation of Labour in-house counsel and director of treaty negotiations, and Brother Wayne Palmer, president of Teamsters Local 213. Minister Smallwood said that she was pleased to be able to welcome these new members to the board. "Their diverse backgrounds in labour relations provide the kind of balance the board needs to be both representative and effective," said Smallwood. The Labour Relations Board is an independent body that administers and enforces the province's Labour Relations Code. It consists of the chair, 16 vice-chairs and 40 part-time members who represent workers and employers.