Keep public beds open on Vancouver Island

Take action now! BC Seniors and health care workers need your support

Hundreds of families, seniors, community members and workers are speaking out against Vancouver Island Health Authority’s decision to close 350 public long-term care beds and layoff more than 250 workers. They need your help.

Join the BC Health Coalition’s call on the health minister and VIHA CEO to:

  • Ensure that Vancouver Island long-term care facilities and beds remain open!
  • Fulfill the 2001 election promise to create 5,000 new NOT-FOR-PROFIT long-term care beds!
  • Create new beds in not-for-profit facilities!

More information

More than 250 HEU members are facing layoffs after the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) announced it will close 350 long-term care beds and replace them with private, for-profit facilities.

On June 20, 2008, VIHA announced that 350 public long-term care beds will close and be replaced with beds operated by private, for-profit companies.

These closures create more havoc for island seniors and their families. A June 23 Nanaimo Daily News article called it, “…a good example of the health authorities doing the dirty work and taking the heat for this government’s privatization agenda.”

In 2001, the B.C. Liberal Party promised 5,000 new not-for-profit long-term care beds. It has failed to deliver on an overall increase in bed numbers, and almost all new beds are in the for-profit sector. According to Statistics Canada, B.C. has the lowest number of residential care beds in the country - 36.5 per 1,000 seniors over 65, compared to the national average of 47.1.

Seniors and people with disabilities deserve high quality, public facilities. They do not deserve to be shuffled into beds designed to make profits for corporate shareholders.

B.C. Seniors and health care workers need your support!