Labour Relations Board decision attempts to clarify impact of Bill 18 on LPN representation

All BCNU’s current raid applications dismissed; union representation votes likely at many community health and long-term care sites

The B.C. Labour Relations Board issued a decision on August 16 that dismissed 48 raid applications filed by BCNU last fall, while setting out a framework for determining union representation for LPNs recently transferred into the Nurses Bargaining Association (NBA).

BCNU’s raid on LPNs in affiliate employers covered by the facilities subsector agreement – mostly long-term care sites – were dismissed by the LRB because these LPNs were subsequently moved into the NBA when the BC Liberals passed Bill 18 just before the spring election.

The LRB also reaffirmed their long-standing policy of non-proliferation of bargaining agents. This policy promotes stability in the workplace by preventing multiple unions operating under the same collective agreement in a single workplace.

Because of this policy, it is likely that the LRB will order union representation votes at a number of sites (former facility affiliate employers and community health employers), where LPNs are now part of the NBA and where the BCNU also represents RNs.

While the LRB provided a framework for determining LPN union representation, it did not spell out how individual work sites will be affected (i.e. whether or not there would be a vote).

Instead, the LRB will meet with impacted parties (unions and employers) in the near future to work out these details.

When there is more clarity about the impact of today’s decision on LPNs at specific work sites, the union will issue a further bulletin.