Labour Relations Board orders LPN representation vote

On Wednesday, May 9, B.C.’s Labour Relations Board ruled that BCNU’s raid applications can proceed, and has ordered a representation vote for LPNs.

At some time over the next few weeks, the LRB will conduct a mail-in ballot.

HEU secretary-business manager Bonnie Pearson says the union is ready and well prepared for this vote.

“With this vote, LPNs finally will have the power to end BCNU's divisive raid on their profession once and for all,” says Pearson. “We are confident that LPN members will support HEU based on the union’s strong record of advocacy for their independent nursing profession.”

BCNU’s applications cover direct employees working for one of the province’s five larger health authorities and Providence Health Care, but exclude 30 per cent of other LPN worksites.

In addition, BCNU’s application for Provincial Health Services was dismissed by the LRB.

“Over the next several weeks we will be asking all HEU members to continue to support their LPN colleagues and help them protect their unity and membership in HEU,” says Pearson.

This is BCNU’s second attempt to raid LPNs in three years. As a result of their raiding activities, BCNU has been excluded from membership in the B.C. Federation of Labour and local labour councils.

BCNU was also forced to leave the Canadian Federation of Nurses’ Unions.