Labour's Bill 12 protests move to the Kootenays

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Health unions will stay on the job to keep focus on classroom learning and working conditions.

B.C.’s labour movement announced that protests against Bill 12 and in support of BC teachers will move to the Kootenays on Wednesday.

The move comes after the government refused to take action to settle its dispute with BC’s 40,000 teachers.


Although HEU members are urged to attend rallies and participate in other actions to support teachers, these activities should be outside scheduled hours of work.

HEU members who provide services in the community social services sector should also report for work on Wedneday as scheduled.

“It is absolutely essential that we are disciplined in our support and that we do not give government a way to shift the focus from teachers and students by turning a spotlight on disruptions to patient, resident and client care,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“On Monday, our members in Victoria wanted to be at the rally, but stayed on the job to make sure the focus remained on this government’s refusal to settle its dispute with teachers.”

Darcy had high praise for HEU members who have already taken the time to contact their MLA’s, hold protest events at lunch hours, call into radio talk shows, and make their voices heard “at such a critical moment in the struggle for better learning conditions in B.C.’s classrooms and a fair bargaining process for all workers.”

She says HEU’s leadership is meeting with other unions on an ongoing basis to coordinate a collective response to Bill 12.

HEU members are asked to call the union’s hotline at 604-739-1515, or 1-800-663-5813 extension 1515; and to stay tuned to HEU’s website for further updates.