LaPlante elected to Pacific Blue Cross Board of Directors

HEU members and staff turn out to cement victory for Financial Secretary HEU financial secretary Mary LaPlante has been elected to the Board of Directors of Pacific Blue Cross at the organizationís April 26 annual general meeting. LaPlante, who served on the boards of Pacific Blue Cross and CU&C from 1994 to 1999, credits her win to the support of the many HEU members and staff that turned out to offer their support. "Our activists believe that Pacific Blue Cross needs to be more aggressive in its advocacy for our publicly administered and delivered health care system," says LaPlante. "I intend to form the kind of alliances on the Board of Directors that will support initiatives in defense of Medicare." In particular, LaPlante believes that the Board has a role in pushing for a national drug plan that would both reduce out-of-pocket drug costs for Canadians and take pressure off non-profit insurers like PBC that must meet the cost of increasingly expensive pharmaceuticals. Also re-elected to the Board are CUPE BC's Colleen Jordan and Leif Hansen of the UFCW.