Libs pushing seniors, disabled aside at G.F. Strong

Libs pushing seniors, disabled aside at G.F. Strong Workers from G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre took to Oak Street and 25th Avenue Wednesday to stand up for the people they care for — the disabled and the elderly.

They lined up with "for sale" signs, balloons, music and postcards to send to the Coastal Health Authority — telling them that their senior and disabled clients are going to suffer if they go through with the Campbell’s Liberals’ plan to close G.F. Strong and transfer all their clients to Vancouver General Hospital.

The workers say that an acute care hospital is not the place to care for those who often need rehabilitation in order to live life to their fullest potentials.

At G.F. Strong clients not only have access to excellent medical treatment but also an opportunity to share their situations with others who are undergoing the same transformations.

“This world-class facility fulfills an important role in the provincial health care system, and Liberals just want to wipe it off the map,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. “It’s more proof the this government is putting patients last — right along with their caregivers.”

The health care workers — many who wer told yesterday they’d be laid off — circulated between the cars stopped at the traffic lights, distributed their leaflets and talked to drivers and passengers.