Living Wage Campaign sets sights on 2011 initiatives

On January 1, the new living wage bylaw takes effect in the City of New Westminster, the first of its kind in Canada.

Now, the Township of Esquimalt on Vancouver Island is positioned to follow suit. A living wage resolution was recently passed, with a final vote scheduled to take place in mid-January before the full council.

Advocates for the Esquimalt living wage policy are asking the public for letters of support.

They can be sent via email through the township’s website or by mail to: Mayor and Council, Municipal Hall, Township of Esquimalt, 1229 Esquimalt Road, Esquimalt, B.C.  V9A 3P1.

First Living Wage Olympics

The London 2012 Summer Olympics organizers have pledged to support the London Living Wage, as they recruit an estimated 130,000 temporary staff to work in some of the economy’s lowest-paid sectors, such as security, catering, cleaning and waste services during the Summer Games.

Endorsed by City Hall, the living wage rate in London is £7.85 per hour.

New Living Wage employers certified

At press time, 13 companies in Greater Vancouver had been certified as living wage employers. That means they are committed to paying all staff a living wage of $18.17 an hour.

Most recently, the Columbia Institute, Renewal2 Investment Fund, Raised Eyebrow Web Studio Inc., CoDevelopment Canada, and Check Your Head have been designated as living wage employers.

Check out this comprehensive, new study on employment growth and living wages, conducted in 15 U.S. cities.

And be sure to visit the Living Wage Campaign for Families website for regular updates.