Local activists invited to play greater role in HEU decision-making process

HEU is seeking expressions of interests from local activists to serve on one of eight Provincial Executive committees which are listed below. Each committee will include four local activists from the rank and file and three members of the Provincial Executive. The committees, which will be chaired by a PE member, will meet up to three times annually for a full day session. The committees will make recommendations to the PE and act on issues referred to them by the union executive. Transportation and wage replacement will be covered and a per diem will be provided. If you have interests or expertise related to any of the eight committees, please apply in writing to Chris Allnutt, HEU secretary-business manager. Applications must be received at the Provincial Office by Thursday, Feb. 18. The committees are: POLITICAL ACTION During election campaigns this committee encourages HEU members to become candidates, arranges releases for campaign support and provides union donations. Mostly Canada and B.C. focussed, it supports groups like End Legislated Poverty and has sponsored awareness tours for groups such as Canadian Domestic Workers and Caregivers Rights. INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY This committee promotes higher union awareness of international issues. Members respond to requests for action from human rights groups dealing with everything from worker abuse in Central America to women’s health education in South Africa. WOMEN’S ISSUES This committee promotes awareness of violence against women, participates in International Women’s Day events, and supports the Women’s Summer Institute and the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. NURSING TEAM This committee promotes HEU’s belief that all members of the nursing team, including licensed practical nurses (LPNs), nurse aides and orderlies, need to be utilized to the full extent of their training and expertise. It sends representatives to the Canadian Association of Practical Nurses and LPNABC and sets up nursing team focus groups dealing with jurisdictional issues. HEALTH AND SAFETY This committee is designed to promote better ergonomics regulations and lobby the Workers’ Compensation Board and government so that the WCB is more responsive to worker’s needs. TECHNICAL AND PROFESSIONAL ISSUES As technology increasingly becomes a part of our daily work requirement, more of our members are faced with issues of both union jurisdiction and professional development. This committee is designed to provide education and seek input from our professional and technical members to provide solutions for the PE to meet the many challenges imposed by such changes. REGIONALIZATION AND WORKPLACE RESTRUCTURING This committee will discuss ways for the union to deal with employers’ regionalization schemes, the changing nature of the workplace, and develop our own plan to make our health care system work more effectively. TRADES This new committee will review ways to deal with the concerns of HEU members in the trades, including pressing for the development of provincially recognized continuing education programs, and ensuring employers utilize qualified tradespersons where appropriate.