Long-awaited decision on paramedical professionals is a win for HEU

Board misinterpreted Health Authorities Act

HEU has won a landmark victory in its appeal of a Labour Relations Board interpretation of the Health Authorities Act.

HEU, along with CUPE and BCGEU, contested the interpretation which said that when services and support employees are declared to be paramedical professionals, they automatically become members of the Health Sciences Association.

In its decision on the appeal, the LRB accepted the argument that employees retain membership in the trade union they belonged to before a transfer.

“We are naturally very happy with this decision,” says HEU assistant secretary-business manager Zorica Bosancic. “We were disappointed with the original ruling, but thought we had a legitimate basis for an appeal. So this outcome is extremely gratifying for us.”

HEU will have to apply to have our paramedical professional certification amended to include any additional employers of affected members. Although the Board did not outline a procedure for this, the CLC constitution does prohibit any affiliate from certifying those employees.

The perfusionists and ENP techs who were part of the original ruling will stay in HSA, because the applications on their behalf were made before Bill 28 was enacted.