LPN Association of BC concerned that College’s “Clinical Direction/Order” reduces LPN independence, scope of practice

Add your voice – complete the LPNABC’s survey

The Licensed Practical Nurses Association of BC (LPNABC) is asking the province’s LPNs to provide feedback on the new definition of clinical direction as outlined by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC (CLPNBC) through a survey posted on the association’s website. 

LPNABC president Michelle Devia expressed concern with the college’s proposed new addition to the current regulation in an online column posted on June 25.

“LPNABC expressed concerns at the [College of LPNs] conference regarding the CLPNBC’s introduction of the new additional definition of ‘Supervision’ that includes Clinical Direction,” Devia wrote.

“We feel strongly that this new scope of practice is limiting for LPN practice. LPNABC opinion is it will reduce or remove LPN autonomy and has the potential to cause role confusion.”

According to the LPNABC, the survey is one way that LPNs can engage around the implications to their practice on “autonomy, the consultation process, and advancement or regression of LPN practice, workload, and utilization of LPNs in this province”. 

For more information and to access the survey, go to the LPNABC’s website.