LPN balloting results to be announced Friday, Oct. 5

LRB will conduct ballot counting process over two days

The Labour Relations Board (LRB) begins a two-day process starting Oct. 4 to count ballots in the BCNU raid on LPNs employed by five health authorities (VCHA, FHA, VIHA, IHA and NHA) and Providence Healthcare.

All parties have been invited to send representatives to monitor the two-day balloting process. HEU will have up to seven staff members present to ensure the entire process is conducted fairly.

Ministry of Labour staff will spend Oct. 4 opening and verifying the 4,800-plus LPN ballots by raid application. On Oct. 5, ministry staff, along with union and employer scrutineers, will then begin counting ballots in each of the six applications.

Only when balloting results have been concluded in each health authority and Providence Healthcare will the LRB and the parties release the results.

We'll post the six vote results on our web site here and distribute them by email, as soon as the tallies are available.