LPN Day: Celebrating the contribution of HEU's LPNs to quality care

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May 13 has been designated National LPN Day and the Hospital Employees’ Union is celebrating the contributions made by its LPN members to quality care in B.C. hospitals and care facilities.

The union is running advertisements in daily newspapers across the province today to mark National LPN Day. In addition, HEU locals and LPN members are organizing outreach activities at a number of health facilities to mark the occasion.

HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy says that LPNs are redefining professional nursing in B.C.

“Day in and day out, LPNs are showing how they can improve patient and resident care when given the opportunity to work to full scope,” says Darcy.

“And that’s why we’re seeing wider utilization of LPNs throughout health care, including in new specialty and leadership roles.”

In the last round of province-wide facilities bargaining, HEU negotiated a number of provisions that recognize B.C.’s growing reliance on the skills, training and experience of LPNs.

  • Special wage adjustments of up to seven per cent
  • Ongoing advocacy on issues like utilization, training and leadership through a top-level committee of decision-makers
  • Further funding of LPN training and upgrading through the FBA Education fund
  • A commitment from health employers to promote further training of LPNs for new roles and leadership opportunities
“LPNs are breaking down barriers and overcoming attitudes that have stopped these skilled nursing professionals from doing more for British Columbians in the past,” says Darcy. “But with the lowest LPN to RN ratio in the country, we still have much to do.

“Together with their union, HEU LPNs are moving their professional practice forward. And today, on National LPN day, we salute these nursing professionals for the quality care they deliver every single day”

HEU’s national union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, is also celebrating the contributions of LPNs across the country.

CUPE president Paul Moist says LPNs are “dedicated nurses of immense value who collaborate within the health care team to make public health care better for all of us.”

You can read the rest of his message to LPNs here.