LPNs’ seniority rights belong in the NBA

In response to an invitation from the Labour Relations Board, the Hospital Employees’ Union has made a written submission outlining its views on seniority rights for LPNs that have been transferred to the Nurses’ Bargaining Association subsequent to the passage of Bill 18 last spring. 

The LRB became involved in the issue on request from the Health Employers Association of B.C. which has not taken a position on the matter, despite having negotiated an agreement with the BC Nurses’ Union for the integration of LPNs into the NBA bargaining unit last spring. 

The BC Nurses’ Union has also not provided a position on the matter to the LRB, though its published position is that LPNs’ seniority rights stay in the facilities subsector despite their transfer to the NBA.

HEU has told the Labour Relations Board that LPNs transferred to the Nurses’ Bargaining Association are entitled to bring their accumulated seniority rights with them. 

HEU says that the failure of HEABC to transparently address the issue of seniority leaves LPNs in the NBA vulnerable. It has also left HEU members covered by the FBA agreement increasingly frustrated by the lack of clarity around LPN seniority. 

HEU has been pressing health employers for a resolution of this issue for several months and is hopeful that the LRB process will lead to an outcome that is fair to all health care workers.