LPNs celebrate recent achievements during nursing week

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It’s nursing week. Across the province LPNs will be hosting information tables and talking to their colleagues about recent gains made during 2006 contract negotiations.

“Significant advancements made at the bargaining table and during senior policy discussions early this spring have put LPNs on a new footing,” says the union’s secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“New training and educational opportunities, input into shift scheduling, inclusion on professional practice councils, and new avenues of influence with senior health officials are some of the things we are celebrating during this year’s nursing week,” she says.

Darcy salutes LPNs for the critical role they play, every day, in caring for British Columbians.

“LPNs have an increasingly critical and unique role to in delivering quality, bedside care,” she says. “Despite the many challenges they face on the job – as a result of insufficient resources and under-staffing – these nurses continue to show how important they are to meeting the health needs of patients and residents across the province.”

Darcy says that with new tools in hand, like the Professional Responsibility Form, LPNs are better able to advocate for those in their care, protect themselves in their professional practice, and improve caring conditions in BC’s health care facilities.

Specifically, the PRF gives LPNs a formal avenue to raise concerns with employers – like workload issues and short-staffing problems – and seek the support they need to ensure their college standards of practice are upheld.

Nursing week kicked off Monday, May 08, 2006. Saturday, May 13 has been designated LPN Day.

Here are the members of HEU nursing team along with representatives of other unions in the Facilities Bargaining Association who participated in high-level policy discussions with government and health employers during the spring.

  • Nancy Czigany, Fir Park/Echo
  • Joyce Winter, Trail (hospital)
  • Georgia Miller, Pioneer Lodge
  • Doreen Plouffe, VGH
  • Sylvia Neden, Coombs
  • Jacqueline Zilkie, Kaslo
  • Bobbi Pettett, BCGEU
  • Joanne Henderson, BCGEU
  • Lisa Borean, IUOE
  • Shirley Shiagetz, IUOE

Two new materials – a brief history and a brochure highlighting achievements made during 2006 bargaining – are now available from HEU’s provincial office.