LPNs demonstrate strong support for HEU

BCNU raid falls short despite slick and expensive campaign

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A nine-month effort by BCNU to raid LPNs from HEU and other health unions is faltering, despite BCNU’s slick and expensive propaganda campaign.

An outreach effort that’s connected with most LPN members confirms strong support for HEU and growing concern about the risks LPNs would face inside BCNU.

It’s now clear that BCNU will not be able to file a province-wide labour board application for LPNs who are currently represented in collective bargaining by HEU and other unions.

This comes on the heels of BCNU’s failure to reach their goal of signing up a “solid majority” of LPNs as “associate members” by September 10, which they said was necessary to proceed with a full membership drive.

HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy predicts that BCNU will attempt to salvage its failing strategy by introducing new tactics to create a false sense of momentum.

“Our ongoing outreach efforts are showing very strong support for HEU from LPNs, which is something BCNU should also be hearing,” says Darcy.

“We now expect them to put the best face they can on this by attempting to file for individual sites instead of making a province-wide application – a move that would isolate groups of LPNs and weaken LPNs’ bargaining position overall.

“The more LPNs know about the risks they would face in an RN-dominated union, the more they are seeing through BCNU’s slick propaganda campaign,” says Darcy.

Specifically, LPNs have said that they are concerned about:

  • protecting the expanded seniority rights that come with HEU’s large and diverse bargaining unit;
  • bargaining with the support of other HEU classifications rather than on their own; and
  • ensuring that LPNs’ professional practice interests are protected and advanced and don’t take a backseat to those of RNs.

“We’re hearing that LPNs know that a move into an RN-dominated union would be an enormous setback for the future of their professional practice,” says Darcy.

She adds that in the face of sweeping health authority cutbacks and layoffs of RNs and other health care workers, it’s time for BCNU to put an end to its divisive and unprofessional raid so that health unions can work together to protect quality care and members’ jobs.