LPNs to stay united in HEU

Without the support of a majority of LPNs, BCNU makes a late bid to withdraw its raid applications

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Faced with clear evidence that the majority of LPNs have chosen to stay united with HEU, the BCNU today asked the Labour Relations Board (LRB) to let them withdraw their raid applications.

HEU’s secretary-business manager Judy Darcy urged BCNU’s leadership to respect the will of LPNs and let them move forward on issues critical to their profession.

“LPNs have decided that their interests as professional nurses are best represented as a united, independent voice with HEU,” says Darcy.

Darcy acknowledged and thanked the thousands of LPN members who took the time to ask questions, read materials, attend meetings and engage in conversations over the past year.

“I want to express the union’s deep appreciation to LPNs who are building a strong professional future as members of this union,” says Darcy. “This future belongs to all LPNs, regardless of their views on the BCNU raid.”

Darcy also gave special thanks to the thousands of HEU members from other classifications who reached out to their LPN co-workers.

“All HEU members have been affected by the actions of BCNU’s leadership,” says Darcy. “I want to commend you for your commitment and generosity during this difficult time.”

HEU will be asking the Labour Board to dismiss the raid applications based on their clear lack of support from LPNs. A dismissal by the LRB would prevent BCNU from engaging in another disruptive and divisive raid this fall.

HEU is focused on moving forward to heal divisions created by the raid and to continue its record of advocacy for LPNs and other members. The union will also reach out to BCNU members to strengthen and repair relationships on the front line of health care.