LRB makes it official – BCNU raid applications dismissed

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HEU is welcoming a decision from the province’s Labour Relations Board dismissing all raid applications submitted by the BC Nurses’ Union to represent LPNs who are members of HEU and other unions.

“Today’s ruling confirms what the vast majority of LPNs have told us all along – they want to remain united and independent within HEU, where they can continue to advocate for their own, unique professional interests,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy.

“In dismissing each of BCNU’s seven separate raid applications, the Board has made it crystal clear that BCNU could not garner enough support for its raid in even a single health region, let alone on a province-wide basis.”

Darcy congratulated and thanked LPN members for standing by their union, often under intense pressure from BCNU organizers, and she thanked HEU members across the province for standing with their LPN colleagues throughout the year-long raid.

“HEU members understand the true meaning of solidarity,” says Darcy. “They know an attack on one group of members is an assault on all members. And they know our strength as a union is forged by standing strong and united for one another.”

She says she is hopeful that today’s unequivocal decision by the LRB will give the BCNU leadership an opportunity to reconsider their direction and abandon their divisive tactics in the future.

“As colleagues in health care, HEU and BCNU members share common values and objectives that are worth preserving,” says Darcy.

“Now it’s time to focus on the work that unites our members on the health care team.”

As a result of today’s ruling, the BCNU has been barred from mounting a future raid for 22 months from the date of their original application filed on November 30, 2009.