LRB puts BCNU applications on hold to assess membership evidence

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HEU is welcoming a Labour Relations Board announcement that it will determine if BCNU has enough signed cards to support its applications to move LPNs into their union.

“We are very pleased the LRB has decided to move forward with reviewing the membership evidence submitted by BCNU,” says Susan Fisher, HEU’s organizing coordinator.

As part of a required submission to the LRB on December 8, HEU urged the Board to move quickly to assess if the applications meet “threshold support,” in other words to review the number and validity of BCNU’s signed cards.

On December 17, LRB vice-chair Ritu Mahil directed an Industrial Relations Officer (IRO) to begin this process. Following this review, the IRO will issue a formal report to Mahil, setting out the findings.

It is not yet clear when this stage of the process will be completed.

On November 30, BCNU applied to represent all LPNs in the Facilities Bargaining Association, and at the same time made six separate, alternative applications for LPNs in Northern Health, Interior Health, Vancouver Coastal, Fraser Health, Vancouver Island and the Provincial Health Services Authority.

“Today’s announcement is welcome news,” says Fisher. “This moves us one step closer to a resolution.

“Our outreach consistently shows the majority of LPNs in B.C. want to stay with HEU. The fact that BCNU backstopped their primary application with several separate applications shows they are far from certain themselves about their province-wide support among LPNs.”