LTD Plan changes mean more support for some claimants

HEU and health employers recently agreed to two indexing changes that mean that some long-term disability claimants may be entitled to increased support.

Changes to the long-term disability plan in the facilities subsector collective agreement — see page 98 — mean that certain eligible LTD claimants will receive increased benefits.

The changes are:

  • As of April 1, 2003, the calculation of LTD benefits for anyone disabled after April 1, 2003 will be based on 70 per cent of the first $3,352 of pre-disability income (up from $3,211), and 50 per cent on the pre-disability monthly earnings above that amount; and

  • LTD claimants who were disabled between April 1, 1999 and March 31, 2000 will have their monthly benefits increased by the four-year indexing provision in the agreement. Depending on the amount of other disability incomes the claimant receives such as Canada Pension Plan Disability or WCB benefits, this indexing may increase the monthly benefit by as much as $200 a month. Under the old LTD plan, there was no indexing.

    There are no other changes to the long-term disability plan.

    If there are any questions about these LTD changes, members can contact their local HEU servicing representative.