March is Community Social Services Awareness Month!

B.C.’s frontline community social services workers and agencies help build safe and caring communities that support everyone, when needed, especially our most vulnerable.

Community social services are critical to B.C.’s safety net because they help make sure people don’t fall through the cracks when they have a special need or when they are facing a critical problem in their lives.

During difficult periods, or when a crisis arises, individuals and families across the province turn to community social services to help them deal with life's challenges.

Virtually every family in B.C. has been touched by support from these community-based programs – from people with developmental disabilities, youths in conflict with the law and individuals struggling with addiction issues to women fleeing abusive relationships, aboriginal families, new immigrants, and many others.

Throughout the month of March, HEU is pleased to recognize the extraordinary work our members do – for so many – in this often invisible, unsung sector.

And we are pleased that the province of B.C. has once again officially proclaimed March as Community Social Services Awareness Month.

To all our members in the community social services sector, thank you on behalf of your union for your dedication and commitment to the people you support.

HEU represents 1,500 members working in the community social services sector.