March, vigil to protest war with Iraq

On March 15, people around the world are going to take to the streets again to tell their leaders, the United Nations, George W. Bush and Tony Blair, “No war with Iraq!”

With the United States, Britain and Spain failing to win a majority of the United Nations Security Council votes to attack Iraq on March 17, the United States is engaged in blatant arm-twisting to convince undecided members of the council to vote in favour of war.

France has said it will use its veto power against any resolution to attack the people of Iraq, but Bush says he doesn’t need UN approval to go to war. “On February 15, millions of people marched to say no to war — the largest mass protest in human history,” says Chris Allnutt, HEU secretary-business manager.

“It’s time again to show the world’s leaders what the people think about this impending disaster that has the potential to destabilize the whole world, increase a hundred-fold the threats of terrorism everywhere and destroy the United Nations into the bargain.,” he adds.

In Vancouver marchers will begin to gather at noon at Library Square and proceed to the Art Gallery where they will listen to speakers and music.

“Numbers are important,” says Allnutt. “I encourage HEU members to add their voices on March 15 to others around the world.”

Preceding the march, there will be a 24-hour vigil in front of the U.S. consulate, starting at noon on Friday, March 14. Dress for the weather and bring food and water, if you are interested in joining.

What: 24-hour anti-war vigil When: noon, March 14 — noon, March 15 Where: American consulate 1095 W. Pender What: March to Stop the War with Iraq When: noon, March 15 Where: gather at Library Square 350 West Georgia to march to Art Gallery