Members take action to protect security services at Royal Inland Hospital

On Saturday, HEU members distributed more than 500 leaflets to stop the privatization of hospital security services in Kamloops

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HEU members received a warm welcome from fans at a local hockey game on Saturday as they handed out more than 500 leaflets calling for the protection of hospital security jobs in Kamloops.

Earlier last week, more than 28 security officers at Royal Inland Hospital learned that the health authority plans to contract out their work to a private security company.

Most have worked in the facility for over a decade and are a key part of the hospital’s health care team. Doctors and other health care workers are also speaking out against the privatization of these services, which are essential to the safety of patients and all hospital staff.

“Our members are not only specially trained to ensure safety in the hospital,” explained HEU secretary-business manager, Judy Darcy, “It’s also important that in tough economic times like these, we protect decent, family supporting jobs that support the local economy.”

In addition to leafleting, members are distributing stickers, gathering signatures on a petition, and planning future actions to pressure the health authority and local MLAs to keep their work in-house.