More benchmark reviews on their way, clerical review wraps up

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As the clerical benchmark review nears completion, the union is embarking on the last two sets of benchmark reviews established in the current facilities subsector collective agreement.

In the coming weeks, HEU and its union bargaining partners, along with HEABC, will begin a one-year benchmark series review that affects stores and technical classifications, as well as orthopedic technicians, rehabilitation assistants, activity workers III and IV, accountants, volunteer coordinators II, social service assistants I and II, and health records technicians.

Pharmacy technicians and lab assistants received their own special adjustments in the last round of bargaining and are not included in this review.

Two million dollars in cumulative funding is available over four years to support the wage adjustments that result from this process.

The benchmark review committee is also beginning a review of housekeeping and administration benchmarks to identify and remove redundancies, to update terminology, and to ensure language reflects changes to qualifications and educational requirements.

The benchmark reviews were established to provide recognition and, when appropriate, increased pay for occupations that are in high demand and to ensure wage rates and job descriptions are in line with increased training and responsibilities.