Municipal Pension Plan members urged to check benefit statements

If you are an HEU member who is enrolled in the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP) you are being advised to carefully review your Member's Benefit Statement when it arrives in June to make sure you have been credited for all the time you have earned.

Full-time employees who haven't taken any unpaid leaves of absence, should be credited with a full year of pensionable service whether or not they work regular hours or different shifts.

Problems stemming from computerized payroll systems and rotating shift schedules can result in members not being credited for their full 12 months' pensionable service.

If you have worked full time, your statement should show 12 months' contribution. That number should only be less if:

  • you took an unpaid leave, even for a few days
  • you joined the MPP during that year
  • you worked part-time during the year

HEU's financial secretary Donisa Bernardo says members need to look at Section 3 of their Member's Benefit Statement, which shows the service earned for the last calendar year.

"If a member's full-time status does not show a full year of pensionable service they need to speak to their employer to make sure any needed adjustments are made and reported to the pension corporation."

Bernardo says the MPP is currently conducting an awareness campaign – Every Shift Counts – to help ensure all pension plan members have been fully credited for their service contributions.

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